Kimba Consultative Committee

The formation of the Kimba Consultative Committee was announced December 2017.

Nominations opened in September 2017 and closed 20 October 2017.

The committee is made up of an independent convener, deputy convener, and 14 members including businesses and land owners, local representatives and individuals.

It will advise the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science on matters including:

  • funding projects proposed under the $2 million Community Benefit Programme
  • the design and operation if the facility goes ahead in a proposed location
  • how best to measure community support for the facility.

In line with the guidelines (DOC 196KB), the committee is not a decision-making body and performs an advisory role only between the community and the government. Community members who make up the committee will meet regularly throughout the process to discuss key aspects of the project.

The committee will remain an active group for the duration of the site selection process. It will be the Minister’s discretion if the committee remains in place after this decision. Consultative committees will be set up in communities where sites have progressed to the technical assessment stage.

Committee members

  • Allan Suter (Convener)
  • Dean Johnson (Deputy Convener)
  • Symon Allen
  • Heather Baldock
  • Jeffrey Frank Baldock
  • Pat Beinke
  • Randall Cliff
  • Kellie Hunt
  • Sally Inglis
  • Jeff Koch
  • Meagan Jane Lienert
  • Kerri Rayson
  • Toni Scott
  • Peta Willmott
  • Peter Woolford
  • Amy Wright

Kimba Consultative Committee Meeting Notes

18 January 2018 (PDF 590KB) plus Site Characterisation Themes (PDF 205KB

22 February 2018 - AECOM Information Session (PDF 532KB) plus AECOM Kimba Site Characterisation presentation (PDF 936KB), Lyndhurst Study Area (PDF 694KB), Napandee Study Area (PDF 1.9MB) and AECOM Local Business Opportunities (PDF 16KB)

15 & 16 March 2018 - Community Benefit Programme application review (PDF 558KB)

12 April 2018 (PDF 724KB) plus Correspondence between District Council of Kimba and Minister Canavan's Office RE: Anticipated level of community recompense for NRWMF host site (PDF 6.26MB), Department of Environment's Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 presentation (PDF 884KB) and ANSTO's Concept Design presentation (PDF 109KB)

17 May 2018 (PDF 930KB) plus ANSTO's Waste Management at the Facility presentation (PDF 900KB) and AECOM's Opportunity for Local Participation presention (PDF 770KB)

28 June 2018 (PDF 907KB) plus ANSTO's Safety & Security presentation (PDF 1.5MB), ANSTO's Concept Design presentation (PDF 791KB) and ANSTO's Low Level Solid Waste Processing (PDF 756KB)